Good Energy offers battery storage solution to commercial customers
Monday, Dec 04, 2017
Good Energy, the 100% renewable electricity supplier, is working with a technology partner to offer commercial customers energy storage solutions. The partnership, with technology company Origami Energy, will enable Good Energy to offer its business customers a bespoke battery storage solution which provides flexibility of electricity usage, and where on site generation is not being used, help reduce their carbon footprint and drive cost savings.

Marking a new strategic direction for the renewable electricity supplier, the offering lowers the barrier to entry for businesses in the UK wishing to install battery storage. With a low initial expenditure and access to additional revenue streams, Good Energy’s battery service helps solve a core issue with renewables — their intermittent output .

Good Energy will be offering its customers a bespoke, consultative approach, working closely with them and its partner Origami Energy, to deliver solutions that match both business values and commercial objectives. The model opens up revenue streams by helping balance grid supply and demand, and Good Energy will be sharing these benefits with its customers.

The first commercial customer to have signed up to the solution is educational charity the Eden Project, which will have a 250kW battery installed in summer 2018.

“Battery storage is crucial to the development of the renewable energy market,” said Dr. Randall Bowen, Director of Business Services at Good Energy, “The launch of our battery storage proposition reinforces our place as a catalyst for change in the industry. At Good Energy we’re obsessed with understanding customers’ commercial drivers and supporting them to make sustainable choices that make business sense and help to build a better future. Done right, batteries can tick every box.”

Peter Bance, Chief Executive of Origami Energy, commented: “This partnership validates our Technology Platform and the expertise within our energy storage development team. The real-time control offered by our platform enables more efficient use of the assets, presenting a better return on investment for the asset owner and increased profitability for Good Energy.”

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